Dual Wiring Harness with Backlit Rocker Switch



This wiring harness is the easiest way to connect one or two driving lights or light bars to your vehicle. With fireproof cable conduit, a high-quality backlit rocker switch and waterproof Deutsch connectors, it is designed to last for many years even in rough conditions.

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This is a plug-and-play wiring harness for use with all Hard Korr® LED driving lights and light bars. It can be used to connect one or two lights with either a 12v or 24v setup, and is suitable for DIY installation. It is fire-resistant and will work with both positive and negative switching vehicles.

Kit contains:

  • Illuminated LED rocker switch
  • 12v / 40A relay
  • 24v / 20A relay
  • 2x Automotive Deutsch plug connectors to suit Hard Korr® light bars
  • Inline 20A fuse
  • Connectors to fit to a battery
  • Inline 20A fuse
  • Piggyback connectors H3 and H4
  • Full set of instructions

This kit suits Hard Korr® driving lights and light bars up to 180w. For larger lights, use Deutsch connector provided with the unit.

The Hard Korr® Guarantee

All Hard Korr® products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 2-year NZ warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


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