15w 12v or 24v Trickle Charge Solar Panel



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In stock

This folding solar mat produces 15w of power and 840mA of current This folding solar mat uses genuine Sunpower solar panels This folding solar mat only weighs 1.1lbs

This 15w trickle charge solar panel will help you prolong the life of your 12v batteries, by topping them up when they’re not in use. It is ideal for cars, 4wd, caravans, boats, and machinery that periodically sit idle.

The built-in diode prevents reverse charging and ensures batteries do not become discharged at night, and the included controller protects against battery overcharge. It works with a wide range of batteries including AGM, gel, wet and calcium types.

How it works

Simply use the included alligator clamps and extension cable (if required) to connect your battery to the controller, and the controller to the solar panel. The panel incorporates pre-drilled mounting holes if permanent fixture is desired.


Installation is a breeze only taking 1-2 minutes. Simply unfold your solar mat, place in the sunlight, and connect the lead from the solar controller to the battery. It’s that easy!

The Hard Korr® Guarantee

All Hard Korr® products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 5-year USA warranty, plus a 30-day money back guarantee.



Cell type Monocrystalline silicon
Wattage 15W
Max. Voltage 17.96V (12V)
Max. Current 840mA (12V)
Open Circuit 22.5V (12V)
Short Circuit 920mA (12V)
Size 270mm x 450mm
Operating temperature -20°C to 80°C
Weight 1.1lb
Certifications CE, RoHS, EMC, C-Tick

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1x 15w solar panel
1x Digital controller
1x 15ft lead with bullet plugs
1x 3ft bullet to alligator clamps