Team Hard Korr

Michael Pagaduan aka Truck Norriz

Michael Pagaduan AKA Truck Norriz

Michael has been an avid hiker and backpacker since high-school. He has been backpacking since the age of 16. Living in California offered Michael a land of varied latitudes, topography and climates that are uniquely located within a relatively close range. This started his love for the outdoors. As he got older, more opportunities came with "Vehicle-Based" travel and this further expanded his opportunities to see more remote locations. His enthusiasm for modifying his vehicles and outdoor adventure is now leading him on new adventures.

Michael Pagaduan aka Truck Norriz uses the following Hard Korr products:

XDS500 Single Row Light Bar (XDS500)
XD120 with the RRW 2016 Tocoma Front Bumper
HK Unilights 4 Pack (HKUNI4)
19" Orange & White Light Bar Kit (RBWTOR48CIG)
39" Orange & White Light Bar Kit (RBWTOR100CIG)
HPB8 High Power Rock Lights (HPB8)

Todd Rogers & Four Points Adventures

Todd Rogers

Todd has a lifetime of experience exploring the western deserts and coastal regions. From the young age of 4, Todd worked as a deck hand on his fathers sailboat traveling through Central America, The Caribbean, and South Pacific to Australia. Todd's career as a professional photographer has fueled his desire for the outdoors. He is always on the lookout for that "perfect shot" in the vast landscapes he travels. Todd is also a former member of the Contra Costa Sheriffs Mountain Search & Rescue Team (10+yrs) where he honed his medical and navigation skills. We honestly couldn't have a better guide to map out our courses & lead us on our journeys.

Todd Rogers & Four Points Adventures uses the following Hard Korr products:

HPB8 High Power Rock Lights (HPB8)
7″ 80w LED Driving Light Flood (XDR270FB)
7″ 80w LED Driving Light Spot (XDR510B)
19" Orange & White Light Bar Kit (RBWTOR48CIG)

Loren Andersen aka The Dirtraveler

Loren Andersen aka The Dirtraveler

Loren is an adventurer on and off land, not only does he explore back roads and remote places by vehicle but also sails around the world as a Merchant Marine. An Eagle Scout and graduate of The California Maritime Academy, he brings his work skill set to Overlanding and Adventuring. Initially his Tacoma known as "Taco Box" was outfitted with a self-sustained habitat and was proven to be reliable and capable rig, taking him from Washington State all the way down to Baja California for the Baja 1000. He operates an adventure gear outfitter called Dirtraveler which specializes in Overlanding and Car Camping products. Being an Engineering Officer aboard large vessels, he is always tinkering and modifying vehicles at home to make improvements or bring ideas from the maritime trade. Currently the new project is a Chevy 4x4 van which will be the new work and play vehicle for Dirtraveler and sport Hard Korr Lighting inside and out. Loren will be updating us with photos of the van build as he goes.

Loren Andersen aka The Dirtraveler uses the following Hard Korr products:

6ft orange and white high power strip light (HPFTOW2M)
100w Solar Mat (KORRSOLS100WCS)
9" BZR Driving Light (BZR215S)
10w LED Flood (10WFL)
XD 20w Work Light (XD80F)
Rock Lights (HPB8)
Uni Lights (XD80F)

Four Wheeled Nomad

Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford

Our lives have taken us down many paths. At 19 during uni I met Jason, who was 31, on a Red Sea diving live aboard in 2000. Since graduating, the pair of us worked regular jobs in between guiding and instructing around the globe for the best part of ten fish filled years. That feels like a lifetime ago, but diving the world-class sites together was one of the best of times.

Neither of us earned silly money in our former lives. Just regular money, like most people. Your standard income university-educated professional on salary and earnings from a self-employed electrical contractor. It sounds obvious but start saving early. At least a year, or longer if you’re not a savvy saver. It took us well over two years. And let's face it, financial planning is one of the least appealing aspects of facilitating a life on the road. If you’re not comfortably wealthy from the outset, my advice would be to save the travel money after non-negotiable bills first, not last. Cut everything else.

Generally, there are five solutions to making a big trip financially possible: cheaper living; selling stuff (no one regrets a good purge and it’s less to keep in storage); earning more (getting a pay-rise or a second job); cheaper travelling or pushing your trip’s start date back. I even contemplated selling my hair for £2,000, but I’m not sure Jason would have appreciated the new look. Fortunately, we bought rental property with the proceeds of selling our house, which coupled with being a travel writer and photographer couple, helps us to keep gas in the tank and foremost, the story unfolding.

Ultimately, the trip paved the way for staying location independent. After journeying through the Americas, we've decided to hang up the motorcycle boots temporarily. After an intense saving period in the UK, we’ll jump in White Rhino (a 2015 Toyota Hilux) in spring 2019, which will see us traverse from Cape to Cape. Namely, an unassisted expedition we’re calling ‘The Mega Transect’ from South Africa to Northern Norway for about a year. We'll go by the name Four Wheeled Nomad to tell 4WD tales on the trails. If nothing else, travelling has made us wonder if there's enough left. But while time’s on our side, it will be through the very raw and real continent that is Africa.

As of late spring 2019, we will traverse from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland before reaching Norway. Beyond Europe, we wish to venture to Iceland, head back to Canada and eventually resume some unfinished business in South America.

Days on the road: 1,628 Countries ridden through: From England: France, Belgium, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, a day in Brazil, Antarctica, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, USA and Canada. Miles covered: Over 80,000 Tyres worn through: Circa 15 pairs on each bike. On my first Heidenau K60 Scout, I managed to wring 31,000 miles on the front that low and behold, still had another grand left on it. Photographs taken: A plethora shall we say. Visas required: For most countries, one per country – predominantly visa on arrival. Mechanical issues: How long have you got? It’s still too soon to say “leaking fork seals” to Jason. Months on a container ship: 1 Continents: 3.5 Countries: 21 Lisa’s motorcycles: Formerly Pearl (2001 BMW F650GS - 49,585 miles) and Mr Jangles (Suzuki DR650) Chain & sprockets: 8 Fuel pumps: 1 Water pumps: 4 Batteries: 2 Wheel rims: 2 Sets of wheel bearings: 4 Steering head bearings: 4 Cracked sub-frame: 1 Rear shocks: 2 Stators rewound/replaced: 4 Leaking fork seals: Too darn many! Bikes conked out: 13 Marriage proposals: 1 (He said yes.)

Four Wheeled Nomad uses the following Hard Korr products:

100W fixed solar
160W Solar
Uni Lights