XD GEN3 Series Light Bars

XD GEN3 is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

With exclusive OSRAM/CREE dual-chip LED technology, our XD GEN3 dual-row light bars light up the night with a truly insane hybrid spot/flood beam.

In one bar we have combined both a huge spot beam (independently verified 1 lux @ 600m on the XDD600-G3) as well as a massive flood for added safety and usability – all backed by a 5 year North American warranty for your peace of mind.

Best of all, they’re hundreds of dollars cheaper than equivalent models from our competitors. And for a limited time some models have been discounted even further!

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Hard Korr® dual-chip technology

The secret behind the unique beam pattern of the Hard Korr®’s XD GEN3 light bars is in combining the excellent flood capabilities of CREE LEDs, the outstanding distance performance of OSRAM LED’s and our own custom-designed reflectors. The result is second to none!

This is the beam produced by a flood-only light:

This is the beam produced by a spot-only light:

This is the unique beam produced by a Hard Korr® hybrid light: